The Walking Tour of Munich Guide

Beginning to Wander got our first paid job. So exciting. Not only was it to do with travel, writing and photography; it was for a Global Airline! What we had to do was to go to Munich and document the German Rock scene there. So why not kill two birds with one stone? Get paid by them and then also use that experience to write our own blog posts? Win Win! We will start with a walking tour of Munich.

In our Munich series you will find 3 posts in total (when they are done, I write one a week). This one right here: The walking tour of Munich Guide; a post about the best instagram spots; as well as the music in Munich itself. So give our blog a little subscribe so you won’t miss these.

A timeline of our visit

Once we found out we got this job we booked our hotel and set off to Munich. We stayed from the Thursday to the Monday. Just the right amount of time to see 7 different live music shows and get to see Munich from all the different angles.

Munich is about 5 hours train journey away from our headquarters in the middle of Germany. We chose to travel with the train which has free wifi and their own databank of movies for you to watch for free! This was great except that Niklas and I shared headphones. Would have been better with our own headphones and a headphone split thingy. This would have saved us from having to constantly say “oops, sorry” to each other for pulling out the ear piece. Maybe one of these head phones?

When we arrived in Munich we were completely overwhelmed by the amount of people that there were. Not only that, but the weather was so gray! It rained almost all the time. Luckily Munich pulled through and the sun came out sometime on Sunday and stayed to see us leave.

One of the days, the Saturday if I’m not mistaken, Niklas and I took to a free walking tour we found in a “Geo Special” magazine. In total, I would say it takes about 6 hours to complete, or longer depends on how long you spend enjoying a beer or two.

The Walking Tour of Munich Guide.

The walking tour of Munich guide starts at, get this, number 1. It is a very good place to start. The location:

1. Alter Peter

Here you can see Munich from 306 stairs up. You pay a small entrance fee of 3€ or 2€ if you are a student. But it is a small price to pay for a view that is 56 meters high. This is a great place to start your walking tour of Munich because you get an overview of the city. When you look to the south you see the Alps and the Viktualienmarkt (stop 4). When you look to the north you see much more of Munich such as the Frauenkirche and Olympiaturm as well as your next stop, the famous town hall. Fun Fact: Alter Peter has 8 clocks, and Karl Valentin said this is so that 8 people can simultaneously look at the time. (German Humour I guess).

Munich Walking Tour

2. Marienplatz

This is a Munich classic. Most people know this location from pictures. Rightly so, the building, the new Town Hall, which casts its shadow over the square is stunning. Daily it has a certain time that it rings its bells and has little people, not real people, who dance to the time 11:00 and 12:00. Another fun thing to do here is people watch. Niklas and I watches as so many people posed for their cameras to get the best angle of the building and themselves. Moving on to number 3 of the walking tour of Munich.

Munich Walking Tour

3. Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall)

Now that you have seen the new Town Hall, it is time to see the old Town Hall still standing tall. The location is on the east side of the Marienplatz, or more easily to your right when looking at the new Town Hall. These days it is home to a toy museum.

Munich Walking Tour


4. Viktualienmarkt.

I would say this was my favourite stop on the walking tour of Munich, but I am a sucker for markets. So sad that I didn’t have cash to spend on everything. Everything there was also local. So top tip, take cash. This would be the stop to eat at, or spend a whole day at. There is a fabulous beer garden where you can find a spot in the sun and enjoy your company or make new friends.

Munich Walking Tour

5. Hofbräuhaus.

This is another one of the Munich traditions. They have their own in house beer, which is delicious (coming from someone who doesn’t like beer). Their Pretzels are as big as your head plus another head. Big Pretzels. The waiters are also dressed in traditional bavarian clothing. It is like a mini Oktoberfest. This is location to relax at and regain your energy before a little walk further to your next stop on the walking tour of Munich.

Munich Walking Tour

6. Maximilianstrasse.

This is for the big spenders or window shoppers. You will find all your super expensive shops here as well as you 5 star hotels. Along the road are parked cars from the rich and famous. I don’t know who they are though.

Munich Walking Tour

7. Residenz.

For the historic people among us. This is now a museum which used to be the city castle where kings once sat. It is known as one of the most important museums in the country actually. More German historic places can be found in this blog here.

Munich Walking Tour

8. Odeonsplatz.

This is a wonderful part of the walking tour of Munich. After walking so much and taking in 1-7 on the list, here you can take a break and enjoy a coffee at the oldest coffee shop in the courtyard.

Munich Walking Tour

9. Stachus.

A lot of traffic here, but do not let that put you off when the architecture is so stunning and the water fountains entertain the little children. When it is a warm summer’s day you can run through the fountain to cool off from the Munich heat.

Munich Walking Tour

10. Kaufingerstrasse.

Your last stop on the walking tour of Munich is the road that leads up to the new Town Hall. All along the way are street performers and shops. This is also the bike tour hotspot. You can rent a person to cycle you around while you sit comfortably in their cart with one other person. You can chose who this person is.

Munich Walking Tour

So there you have it. The walking tour of Munich. Next post: all about the instagram hot spots!

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