How to Steal a Penguin at Boulders Beach Cape Town

By now you might have read our Cape Town over view, have taken a trip up two mountains with us; Table Mountain and Lion’s Head, and watched a sunset with us too perhaps. Now it is time to find out how to steal a penguin at Boulders Beach Cape Town.

Actually, this blog does not tell you how to steal a penguin. Full disclosure, one should not steal animals!

On this day.

On this particular day we were fortunate enough to have a friend lend us her car with a full tank of petrol, so we could travel with ease. Did I mention we had a full tank of petrol!? It is not what you know, but who you know! Anyway, we planned this road trip in Europe shortly after we bought our tickets to South Africa, so we were extremely excited to finally execute our plans. Our main mission was to abduct a penguin from Boulders Beach and make him our travel companion. We did not mind which penguin, as there were so many to choose from.

We drove early in the morning, well, missing the traffic, and took to Baden Powell road. This way we were able to experience the stunning scenery of the coast on our left side as we drove into Muizenberg.

We first took the road from Muizenberg to Hout Bay, where we would venture on to Chapman’s Peak Drive. Sadly this road is no longer available to drive on because there was a bad case of rock falls. That being said, they are working on it to repair the stunning drive. Sad things happen, but we were so lucky to experience this drive. Another beautiful nature structure we experienced was the Azure window in January in Gozo, which no longer exists due to rock erosion and a storm.

Chapman’s Peak Drive.

On Chapman’s Peak Drive we drove all along the coast and were stunned by amazing views! While zooming at a responsible speed along the road, we pulled over and stopped by a pic-pic point. When we tried opening our doors to get out and see the sights we were challenged by the wind, as it was so strong that it made it near impossible to get out. Luckily both of us have been doing our push ups and managed to get out of the car. There we were literally be blown away… by the view. The time we stayed there was long enough to snap a few good pictures and then we followed this recipe a few times more; stopping, taking photographs and then driving all the way through to the end.

Finding our Penguin at Boulders Beach Cape Town.

Hereafter we google mapped our way to the penguins. The wind having somewhat subsided, we found a parking spot and geared our eyes for the look out of birds. We found them pretty quickly and named them all Bobby. To this day we still point to a bird and say Bobby.

The Beach has two entrances. Children get a discount, but not when you say “Niklas sometimes acts like a kid, can he get a discount?” After paying full adult price we went in by the entrance where it seems like you can only look at the penguins from a distance. We were so disappointed and thought we were ripped off. Luckily we went and asked! Always ask! We were then directed to an entrance to the beach area!

The Beach Part.

Boulders Beach has an amazing sandy part to it. On this beach you are able to venture into the water with the penguins and take a swim! People often swim with dolphins, which personally I think is overrated. Also I have not done this yet, so my mind definitely will change once I have done it. I am just bitter I haven’t done it yet. I need to talk to Niklas and make this happen so I can blog about it!

Back to the penguin beach: We did not pack towels as we thought it would be too cold, but the water was amazing and we missed out on this experience which only costs R70! Boulders Beach is situated in such a way that you are sheltered from the wind, and just experience the wonderful warm sea, sun and sand.

What we did do was to climb up a few Boulders and find some penguins soaking up the sun. Cute little cosmopolitan penguins sun bathing. We leaned in and tried taking selfies, and getting friendly enough to put one in our back pocket, but we soon realised that these bird would much rather be left alone and be in distant photographs than participate in the modern day selfie culture. Not so cosmopolitan after all.

Besides from not having a penguin to take home, we had wonderful memories and would recommend this place to everyone!

The End.

Boulders Beach behind us, we traveled on to Kalk Bay, and the Brass Bell, a restaurant in the sea. Had a quick snack before making our way back to Somerset West for dinner with our Hosts.
All in a day’s work.
If you know how to abduct a penguin, please let us know!

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