Why the Road Trip from Split to Dubrovnik was Breathtaking

Croatia, what an absolutely stunning country! Niklas and I were lucky enough to be able to visit two cities and road trip between them. We love road trips, click here to read about our road trip in South Africa.Now obviously we could have chosen the quicker route between A and B, but why do that when you can avoid toll roads and drive along the coast and make it a Split to Dubrovnik day trip?! This is exactly what we did; road trip from Split to Dubrovnik, and back again. So keep reading if you want to know about trips to Dubrovnik.

Road Trip from Split to Dubrovnik

Rental Car.

In our rental car from Nova, we experienced the coastal road trip from Split to Dubrovnik. A few days later, we did it all over again, just in reverse. However, the journey back wasn’t so easy. There was some sort of accident and we had to take a diversion. But more on this later.

Firstly, let me quickly tell you about Nova Car Rental. They are directly in front of you when you step through the cates at Split airport, and very friendly too! You can book in advance or just pitch up and they will happily help you. Thank you Nova Car Rental for our rental car. Public transport in Croatia isn’t so great, so a hire car is the next best thing.

Road Trip from Split to Dubrovnik

Road trip from Split to Dubrovnik.

Anyway, Niklas and I arrived in Split late at night, so slept over in a hostel before taking to the road for an 4 to 5 hour road trip from Split to Dubrovnik. Now, let me tell you, I got my driving licence in England and only ever have I driven left, in England and South Africa, so I was super excited to try my hand at driving on the right. I managed, but a few times Niklas had to tell me to get back in lane, or I wanted to turn into the wrong lane. At the end of the day, we made it out alive.

Most of the drive down the coast allows you to see the absolute beauty of the landscape, but there is a part which is more inland. What’s more, you even have to drive through a different country for about 8 km. The border control is not the place to stop and chat though. There was the moment of fear when they asked me where we were from and I had to wait for Niklas to answer. I am sure anyone who grew up in 2 different countries struggles to answer that question. I am always ready to give my life biography when someone asks. Anyway, the quick answer should be Germany.

Road Trip from Split to Dubrovnik

Stop to take Photos.


On our road trip from Split to Dubrovnik we stopped at a few places so we could stretch our legs and take photos of the landscape. This is one of the things you can expect to see when you take a road trip from Split to Dubrovnik. Other things include small villages where you drive snail’s pace from one end to the other. A very Croatian sight you cannot miss are all the stalls at the side of the road selling the exact same thing; tangerines, jams, oils and fruits and nuts. These are super colourful though, and cool to look at. But don’t get distracted when you drive.

Road Trip from Split to Dubrovnik

The journey back from our road trip from Split to Dubrovnik.

Getting from Split to Dubrovnik was nice, but I have to say, I much more enjoyed the travel from Dubrovnik to Split because I knew the road a bit better. The sun didn’t cook us in the car and there was one spot in particular we wanted to stop at. This spot had mountains and rivers. I love mountains and rivers. We even bought a few tangerine at one of these stalls I mentioned before. Delicious.

Road Trip from Split to Dubrovnik

Top Tip:

Have Kuna (the Croatian currency) with you. Everything cost more when you pay in Euros.

Now time to mention the accident. Casually driving back there was suddenly a police man in the road and a few parked cars. He was leant in to one of the stationary cars and as we neared he quickly stepped away from the car and waved us down. Going 70 km/h I couldn’t suddenly stop so I decided to keep going. Speculation grew as Niklas and I tried to understand why the policeman tried to wave us down. I knew I was going the speed limit and I couldn’t see any other problems. Until… we came to a police car stopped in the middle of the road. I stopped the car, asked for reassurance from Niklas if I should get out of the car, or just simply turn around, and he encouraged me to go talk to the police man near by.

Road Trip from Split to Dubrovnik

Awkward police encounter.

Slowly I neared the policeman who was on his phone. I had to do this slowly in order to allow the policeman to finish his conversation. Once he was off his phone and I was close enough to initiate conversation I asked if he could speak English, a little he said, then I asked “German?” to which he said not at all. Ok, English it is. He then proceeded to tell me in broken German… wait what? He just said he can’t speak German? Anyway, in broken German he told me there was a crash and gave me direction to pass this road.

Back in the car Niklas put his google maps on and we found a way around. Then the puzzles started coming together. We realised we saw no oncoming traffic, and now we know why the first police man tried to wave us down in the first place. We had to turn around and head back the way we came to find a turn off. Unfortunately this meant having to pass by the policeman who tried to wave us down. This time I stopped and the policeman had back up. Nearing the car he started talking to me in Croatian. I said I do not understand to which his fellow officer came to the window and said “Oh, he told me about you and that you just sped past him! This should be a big fine!” long story short, fine avoided and policemen behind us, we got to see a whole different side to Croatia.

Road Trip from Split to Dubrovnik

The scenic route.

This reroute took us through mountains and very very windy roads. Up and up we drove on the side of a mountain, just to drive down on the other side. This took us about an extra hour to get home, but without disappointment. One of the Towns you pass on your drive is Omis. I would recommend you stop here it is the best way to get from Dubrovnik to Split. It is such a quaint town by the sea. Our reroute brought us back to this town, but from inland meaning our view was of mountains either side, a lake and the sea opening up in front of us. As my eyes were in awe, my ears we filled with the sound of Niklas talking about how cool it would be to fly a drone here. If you have an extra drone, send it our way please!

And so, our road trip from Split to Dubrovnik and back again came to and end. We made it to Split, and our Hostel, settling in, before we headed out for the sunset.

If you like the pictures in this post, let us know. If you want to see more pictures from Croatia check out Instagram.