Island Cruise from Dubrovnik

This blog is the last in our day trip series of Croatia. We had the two Game of Thrones walking tours, one in Dubrovnik and one in Split. Click on the city names to read those blogs. Now it is time for a little bit of a different tour. Instead of walking, this tour is all about island hopping from a ship. Click here for more information about the Island Cruise from Dubrovnik on the Elite Travel Croatia website.

Island Cruise from Dubrovnik.

Island Cruise, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Sightseeing, Island HoppingIsland Cruise, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Sightseeing, Island Hopping

What you can expect is a historical tour which is seemingly relaxing as well as fun. When the lunch comes out so does the party with unlimited wine (to a certain degree). It is a full day of adventure from morning to evening. Lunch is included, but Niklas and I were so hungry, so maybe take a snack with you to carry you over.

It was such a lovely day on the Adriatic Sea, sailing on a 16th century galleon replica. If you are going this your as a group there is also a hotel pick up and drop off included. This ship then takes you to visit the Elaphiti Islands, Koločep, Šipan and Lopud, each one unique and beautiful. The full itinerary you will find here.

First stop.

Island Cruise, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Sightseeing, Island Hopping

Island Cruise, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Sightseeing, Island HoppingOur first stop on the Island Cruise from Dubrovnik took us to this beautiful island, Kolocep, where there were no cars, and seemingly nowhere to eat. Niklas and I ventured up side ways and then decided it best to take a stroll on the beach. My hunger got the better of me, and I decided to take to the local fruits. I spotted a tree with Pomegranates on, thinking this would be a great and healthy snack. I can’t remember if Niklas told me not to do it, but I went on a pick on. If you have ever tried opening a pomegranate with your hands you will understand the following struggle I faced. I did manage in the end, but not with out casualties. The pomegranate basically exploded and the red juices went everywhere. I was left red handed.

We didn’t have a long time on this island and so ventured back to our ship and on to the next island.

Seconds the best.

Island Cruise, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Sightseeing, Island Hopping

The second stop was longer and ended with lunch. At Sipan we could walk around and even go for a swim. Niklas and I didn’t swim, but the water wasn’t too bad and one of our tour guides even did a jump of the ship into the sea. Oh I forgot to mention, at the start of every stop you break into your language groups and are given a little information about the place where you are stopped and about to explore. Niklas and I stuck to the German tour group. The tour guide was hilarious and it gave me a time to practice German even out side of Germany.

Island Cruise, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Sightseeing, Island Hopping

I felt that there were more exploring opportunities on this Island. However, the time of the year we went, October, the weather started to change. Although warmer than that of northern Europe, the wind was very cold and I think it was one of the reason Niklas and I didn’t think to swim. We were also on the last Island Cruise from Dubrovnik for the year. It would be too cold otherwise.

Lunch time.

Once we all were back on the ship, sitting at an allocated seat (this only meaning somewhere where there was cutlery) Lunch was served. You are give the option of grilled fish, or pasta if you are vegetarian. Niklas and I both opted for the fish. Next came the wine. We were sat at a table with a group of French Canadians and were pleasantly entertained as well as never having an empty glass of wine. After you finish you lunch the tour guides, who double up as waiters, come with mountains of fish for those still hungry. While eating dinner you also move onto your next location.

Final Destination.

Island Cruise, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Sightseeing, Island Hopping

At the final Island on the Island Cruise from Dubrovnik, Lopud, the wind really started picking up. We started with some history of the Island as well as the fact that cars drive around with out number plates because the Island is so small and the cars never leave the island to need them. What I particularly loved about this island was the fact that you could do wine tastings. Unfortunately after all the wine from the ship, the sun and me loving wine, I decided to buy a bottle. I say unfortunately because it was expensive and I could have bought one just as good and cheaper from a store. Well, I guess I was helping out a local.

Island Cruise, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Sightseeing, Island Hopping

Lopud is the furthest island away from Port Cruz where you start and end your day, so the sail back after your free time is wonderful. But when the winds are rough then the ride isn’t so smooth, instead it is rocky and makes for a little adventure.

How to end the day.

Once back where we started, Niklas and I hitched a ride to Old Town Dubrovnik, saving us a few miles walk. We decided to see the sunset Niklas obviously wanted to take more pictures. The sun set, the day ended and we were exhausted.

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