How to Make your Instagram Better, Durdle Door

We recently went to England! The country I lived in for 18 years. It was so great. We went to new places I never even heard of. Niklas, a German, told me about these places. If you follow us on Instagram you would by now have seen some photos from the Jurassic coast, where we found Durdle Door. Since our trip there we have spoken about it so much as well as planning our trip there again, as we NEED to see the Old Harry Rocks too. Who knew the Jurassic coast of England could be so epic. It also will help you to know How to Make your Instagram Better.

Our trip was planned so we could blog about it. Consequently, seeing as our last Instagram blog did so well, we thought to do another one. So this here blog will tell you all about how to make your Instagram better by visiting Durdle Door.

Plan your day.

Poole England

If you want to know How to Make your Instagram Better, you need to know when to go. Firstly, you need to choose when to go here. The best time to take photographs is the hour before and after sunrise or the hour before and after sunset. Secondly, keep your friends close and the weather app closer. Our trip here consisted of constantly checking the weather app to make sure we do not miss the sunshine in Durdle Door. We kept such an eye on this app that we even stopped somewhere else, Poole, to wait out the rain. Great idea too, as we had delicious fish and chips and snapped a few epic pictures by the beach. Check out our other post about the top 10 beaches in Cape Town.

Poole England

Another important aspect of visiting Durdle Door, or anywhere really, is also knowing how to get there. Public transport right to the tip of England isn’t so great. We took a car and paid for parking which is at the top of Durdle Door. It isn’t the most expensive parking, or cheapest for that matter. There are also toilets and a camping site. Next time we visit here we will be in an RV! Mark my words. Also, any RV companies reading this, we are open to sponsorships. We can take over your Instagram and show you How to Make your Instagram Better too.

So let’s get to the nitty gritty part of the blog.

How to Make your Instagram Better.

When looking at great photographers (you can really learn How to Make your Instagram Better), you will see they use a lot of perspective. What I mean by this is a human element to show scale of the landscape. Niklas loves doing this, and I love standing there waiting to hear him say “Ok, done!” and the click of his camera. The pictures always look so epic and I don’t have to worry about what my face looks like. You can then see the absolutely epic scale of the places we are.

Right, look at this picture, it is of Durdle Door. Niklas positioned me to sit here and look out at the sea. Firstly, this was super easy as it was so stunning. Secondly he then positioned himself so to get in the horizon, Durdle Door, and the human element to add perspective.

Durdle Door England

You don’t always need a human element though. You can just snap the landscape, cos it is so epic. Both things help you to know How to Make your Instagram Better.

When adding a person.

Knowing How to Make your Instagram Better you should also know how to position the person. When adding a person in your photograph, sure they can look at you, but when they turn their back and look over their shoulder it is better. This implies that they are looking at the person they are travelling with and then to the people looking at your picture, it can seem as if they are there. Even better than this would be if they look out onto the landscape and you don’t see the face at all. This will then indicate that you should go there yourself and visit the places, and see what they saw. Again, this is used by the top travel photographers, as it also helps tell a story. It creates a narrative, per se.

Durdle Door England Poole England

If you have a drone, I am extremely jealous, but that again would totally make your Instagram better. People love seeing the world from a different angle. Let’s think back historically. The world made SUCH a fuss about the train. The fact that you could go so fast and the world looked like a blur past you. Now with a drone you can again see such a different perspective. Using a person here would also be epic. But, be aware that you there are some places you can’t fly a drone. Durdle Door is one of those places.

Mindful travelling.

Durdle Door England

There is a sign up to say no drone flying. Seeing as we are now talking about signs telling you want to do let me go on. When we were visiting here we saw a man climb over a fence with clear no entry signs all over it, as well as a shield saying no climbing. When there are signs like this, you need to respect them. They are not there to ruin your fun, but instead to prevent something. It could be rock slides, or to protect nature. For example, birds could be nesting on the cliffs and you disrupt them. Be a mindful traveller. Do not disrespect where you go, or the rules. We only have one Earth, so take care of her. So why not take the Icelandic pledge? I have. Sure you want to know How to Make your Instagram Better, but you also want the world to be a better place!

Instagram game.

Durdle Door England Durdle Door England

Anyway, back to How to Make your Instagram Better. Other than the perspectives of nature, adding a person, having a drone (If you have one spare, please send it my way), another way to make your Instagram better is to keep the same editing. Have a look at Niklas’ Instagram. His editing does change, but slowly and not suddenly that his followers think, how dis? Your followers follow you for the look you give them. Niklas uses lightroom to edit is pictures.

As you might have guessed, we are travel bloggers, Niklas and I. So our Instagrams, Niklas’ better than mine, are travel orientated. This is a theme, a niche, a look. Again, it is consistent. Consistency is key.

When wanting to make your Instagram better have a look at our Munich Instagram blog for more ideas, or even this cool youtube video about the top 5 places to take Instagram photos in Hong Kong.