Rediscover the Sunken World of the Stone Age

Rediscover the Sunken World of the Stone Age at the Lake Dwelling Museum.

Loads of people dream of going on holiday to Bora Bora or the Maldives where you can stay in a hut on the water. Well, about 3000+ years ago during the stone age there were people doing this long before it was cool and super expensive. They were the trendsetters, let’s be real.

Ok, these people didn’t go there for a holiday, but instead this was their home. They cooked here, bathed here, laughed, cried and slept here. This is the Lake Dwelling Museum Pfahlbauten Unteruhldingen and can be found on Lake Constance. This is a Bronze and Stone Age village reconstruction on an excavation site, as google maps says, with lake dwellings and demos of handicrafts. It has been part of UNESCO World Heritage since 2011. Other things that can be found on Lake Constance include this and this.

Lake Dwelling Museum

How we discovered it.

During our trip to Bodensee we decided to head over to the other side of the lake from our little holiday home. There we would explore the surroundings. We took a boat across the lake with the best blood orange ice cream to be found on board.

The other side had very interesting things to see. Things such as statues of a lady holding little men in her arms. There was also a little family group sitting on the side of the road singing. Not forgetting to mention the wonderful small shops for the spenders. We didn’t stay at this stop for long as we took a bus to our planned destination. Off to the Lake Dwelling Museum.

Lake Dwelling Museum

At our destination.

At our destination, Unteruhldingen, we slowly meandered around. We watched the people around us, some swimming, others enjoying a drink in a beer garden of their choice, and others doing the same as us.

As we were enjoying our walk we did have an aim in mind, not just walking. Firstly we walked to this Lake Dwelling Museum, to check it out, and to be honest, I was not excited, but being influenced by the British culture I was polite and continued with the company I was in. All the while Niklas was snapping around with his camera taking as many pictures as he could. Before we went into the museum we knew we needed some liquid courage. Well, one beer to keep us motivated in the hot summer sun. Side note, the weather was so lovely.

As we sipped on our drinks we were entertained by an extremely tame duck who would use his cuteness to look up to you and wait to be fed. I gave into the temptation in his eyes and fed the duck one of my chips. To this day I think the duck is still grateful that he could have enjoyed our lunch with us. The duck and I share a special bond.

Lake Dwelling Museum

Lake Dwelling Museum


Back to the Lake Dwelling Museum.

Shortly after we made our way back to the Lake Dwelling Museum which is about a minute away from the beer gardens. We paid our entrance fee, discounts for students by the way, and waited for our tour to start. There are tours in German as well as English, so do not be discouraged by the language barrier. At this point I still was not excited but my mind would soon change.

As the tour started we, Niklas and co, as well as random strangers who went with us, were ushered into a room. In this room we listened as two voices talked about what we would see over the speakers, and we saw a room decorated in the fashion of archaeologists busy at work. Thereafter doors automatically opened, super high tech right, and led us into another room for animations all around on the walls and more voices over a loudspeaker. In this room, I don’t really wanna give it away because it is a spoiler and nobody likes a spoiler, but, you feel like you are underwater. That’s all I am saying about this matter.

What awaits you behind the automatic doors at the Lake Dwelling Museum.

Finally another set of door open automatically that lead you to the reconstructed open air museum itself with your tour guide waiting there for you. Our tour guide was a friendly woman who didn’t mess around and gave us facts straight from the get go. She led us around this Lake Dwelling Museum and often let us touch the artefacts, like the tools these people used way back when. What is super cool about this place is the fact that you can really get a feel for that time.

Lake Dwelling Museum


What it has to offer.

The reconstruction is so great. As well as the fact that the river is so crystal clear that you can see the architecture under the water too. Some fish swim throughout the water and ducks swim on the top. Quite cool seeing the wildlife just doing their thing. Oh just so you know, when you go here, there are only toilets at the entrance, so be wise. The tour lasts about 30 mins, if that, then you are free to walk around and follow the paths to explore more of this place.

Lake Dwelling Museum

Going home.

When we finished our tour at the Lake Dwelling Museum, and decided to head back home we realised that the boat only leaves the harbour once more. This meant it was a race against time to get to the bus stop to take us to the boat, or we would have to find a way around the lake. This is a really big lake we are talking about!

So firstly we sped walked to the bus stop, then we waited and waited with a little bit more waiting for the bus. When you know that you could basically be stranded, waiting sucks even more than usual. Anyway, as I am writing this blog, you should have guessed by now we made it. And you are right. The bus came with not a second to spare. It dropped us off almost next to the boat, and as we boarded, took our desired seats the boat left. Each one of us taking a sigh of relief, we mulled over the day and planned dinner.

More Pictures can be found on Instagram.