Why you have to visit Mainau Island

Mainau Island et al.

There are always flowers for those who want to see them.
Henri Matisse.

To this quote I would like to add; there is a whole Island dedicated to people who want to see flowers, located in the South of Germany. It not only has flowers, but is home to much much more! Extremely old trees, for example, or a small vineyard even. It is called Mainau Island and is surrounded by Lake Constance. Only 20 minutes away from the city of Konstanz. When you get there you step into a Fairy Tale. Niklas and I had such a great time there. Then at night time I even got a free ticket to a Jazz concert on Mainau Island. This saved me 30€. Thank you so much to the lovely lady sat just outside the ticket office who stopped me and gifted me the ticket! It was only appropriate to then by myself a glass or two of bubbly to celebrate.


How the day happened on Mainau Island.

Originally it was just going to be me and Niklas’ camera on this adventure because Niklas was off to a Festival. Luckily he managed to make some time for this trip, squeezing in a few hours before he missioned off with his brother. I was so nervous because I am used to an iPhone camera, not this thing you put to your face and look through while one hand turns the front to focus and the other keeps it still so the pics do not blur. Way too much glory for one untrained person to handle. Anyway, Niklas, and his expertise, came with me. We both love the outdoors. Read our blog about a National Botanical Garden in South Africa here.


Remember your walking shoes.

As we walked and walked and were amazed over and over again at the beauty of this island. (We also walked a lot here). Let me try to describe it to you. Everywhere there are flowers. Surrounding this small Mainau Island is a Lake, Lake Constance, and there are so many big trees you feel like you are walking around in a fairy tale. In the middle-ish, more towards the back of the island really, is even a Castle. Really fairy tale like right!?


Now, I have to add, it is not free to visit, but it is also not the most expensive trip of your life. Find the prices here. Discounts also apply to students, and at night time from 5pm except during inter season. Niklas and I went later during the day and I got to see the sunset there. I LOVE how the atmosphere changes from day to night, from light to dark, from alive to diluted and more serene. What is really cool is that the Island is open from sunrise to sunset 365 days a year. So there is never a day you can’t go! Also, if you really wanna plan your trip there, you can have a look on their website to see when which flowers are in bloom.

Other than walking around and taking in the sights you can also take out your wallet. There aren’t only flowers and trees on Mainau Island. You are able to spend money on Mainau Island if you want. There are a few different restaurants to explore, even a chocolate shop and bakery. Niklas and I did not explore these places, but instead the nature around it. But I am sure they are just as lovely as the flower island.

Right so, let’s talk about Mainau Island more in detail.

Firstly you go through the admission area and are offered a map… TAKE IT, it will help you later! Or don’t and just explore to your hearts contempt. Then you walk over a bridge with the Bodensee either side of you. The water looks so extremely lush and I swear I heard Sirens trying to lure us into the water. It was so clear, crisp, crystal like. Niklas and I were fortunate enough to also see little ducklings. SO CUTE! They were all in this water I just described, looking absolutely content.

There are constant changes in the path where you can decide to go left or right or straight. So much choice. The map I mentioned, which I hope you will take, or you could be adventurous, shows you all the different areas you can go to. Get this, there is a butterfly house on the left side somewhere. Free entrance and amazing experience having all these butterflies look so stunning while they fly around you! Most of these butterflies are perched on a rotten banana enjoying the hell out of it and looking majestic af!

On the right side of Mainau Island you will find other forms of wildlife which are there on purpose, unlike the ducklings. These are of the bigger type. Llamas or alpacas, to be honest I can’t tell the difference, sheep and then donkeys, rabbits, cows. Really the list goes on and on. This flower island is just so full of surprises.

What was my favourite part?

I would have to say, my favourite part of Mainau Island would be a stair case that looked like it should be in a ancient Greek mythological story. The greens and flowers are so stunning as they climb up a stairway with a waterfall cascading down the middle forming a small stream to the lake around the island.

This flower island really is something the whole family can enjoy. There are play areas for the youngins, cafe’s and restaurants for the foodies, a model train set for the train lovers, nature and beauty for everyone. There is even an Italian rose garden. I can’t explain to you how beautiful this place is. There are just so many places on the Island you can sit down, take a breather, relax and enjoy breathtaking views all around you, of the island or of the lake. I mean, when you find the right spot you can look over the alps, for example.

And all that Jazz.

As I mentioned at the very start Niklas had to jet off to a festival leaving me to enjoy the rest of the island alone. I then went on to go buy my tickets for the Jazz concert, or thought I would be doing so. This brings me to the fact that the flower island also hosts concerts and the like at night times. The Jazz concert I saw was called BuJazzO. The conductor was extremely funny and engaging and the audience was diverse in age where as the musicians were all quite young (17) but absolutely amazing at their chosen instrument. The Jazz was great!

The Conclusion of Mainau Island.

So in conclusion. When in the South of Germany, do go visit Mainau Island. It should really be a day trip, not just a few hours. Getting from the entrance to the back, where there is a port with boats and the like taking you across the lake, takes you about 40 mins with a fast walking pace. So a good 3 or 4 hours if you are rushed, or longer if you have a food break. For example you could spend an hour in the butterfly world alone and find some turtles chilling in the pond there too.

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