Drowning in Dublin

Please note: all the photographs in this Blog were taken in the early hours of the morning before the people come and flooded the streets.

Our first day trip was so successful, leaving us in anticipation for the next. However, maybe two day trips so close in proxemics to each other was not the best of ideas. We did have a day in between to rest, but we went for a jog, we went to town, we did not really rest.

Exhausted, we woke up even earlier than our trip to EDI. We filled our stomachs with coffee and breakfast and our back packs with sandwiches and water. On our arrival at STN we saw our beloved employee who gave us each a double or triple shot of gin and sent us on our merry way.

To our surprise the flight was not delayed, in fact it was quite on time, even the return flight was on time! Arriving in Dublin, not knowing where to go, we took a break and did a little google research. We were extremely early but Dublin already seemed awake. We found a lovely park, and meandered around in it for a while until we needed to find a coffee.


Unfortunately to say, Dublin was not terribly exciting. However we did stumble upon a different park to the one before, filled with dogs, so so many dogs. Some big, some small, but all with one things in common; they were all having a great time.

Dublin was basically one big construction site, completely over populated and almost as many street performers as there were members of the public. Luckily the weather was holding up, with only a few drops of rain here and there, but again with an icy breeze.

We ran out of free things to do in Dublin and made our way back to the airport. Here we had a lot of fun again, firstly sitting at a talking door which said if you go through you can never come back, then we found our gate and acting somewhere drunk from being so extremely exhausted we laughed a lot and people-watched to help the time pass.

Dublin could have been a much better experience, although wonderful pictures were taken and we had an extremely delicious sub from subway, if there were less people and if we were able to move around with ease, taxi or otherwise. We would definitely return to Ireland to discover the hidden history and more of the open nature it holds.

More Pictures can be found in our Instagram.