The Drive to Isle of Skye

The last trip of 2017 for Beginning to Wander was one of the best! It was a 4 day trip to the Isle of Skype. We started our journey in Frankfurt, having to stay in a hotel to catch our early flight to Glasgow. Then the drive to Isle of Skye was underway. 4-5 Hours in our Rental car. However, we did not drive straight through. Instead, we thought we would stop on the way to see a few sights while the sun was up and make the most of our road trip.


Isle of Skye, Scotland, Harry Potter Bridge

First on our list was a Castle. Now, we went to Skye at the start of December. We knew full well that we wouldn’t have much luck with the weather but we tried anyway. The first day was gloomy and of course, it rained. Luckily Niklas and I had waterproof gear with us. We learned our lesson from Bastei! However, even though we had wonderful new waterproof walking boots, they aren’t waterproof if your whole foot gets sucked into a watery mud puddle.

Isle of Skye, Scotland, Harry Potter Bridge

Niklas and I took a quick detour on the drive to Isle of Skye to see the Castle and wanted to walk up to the lake where the castle is built on an island in the lake. As we walked closer we realized that we had less and less dry patches to jump to, it wasn’t until we saw the water almost ingulf our shoes that we decided to call it a day and head back to the car. Feeling defeated, yet laughing at the situation, we headed on to our next stop.

You’re a Wizard Harry!

Isle of Skye, Scotland, Harry Potter Bridge

Our next stop on the drive to Isle of Skye was more important than our first. It was the main attraction we wanted to see on the way to Skye. It was the bridge from Harry Potter that takes the Wizards to Hogwarts. At this point, the rain wasn’t so heavy anymore and we felt like we could brave it! I went into the little shop by the parking area to ask where exactly we need to go to see the bridge. Not only did the man tell us where to stand but to our surprise, the man also told us that the train was going to pass at about 3:20 pm. We thought that the train passing times had already stopped due to winter.

So Niklas and I braved the rain and assumed position. We did have to walk a bit and were surprised to see so many other people there waiting for the train as well. As it was the afternoon the rain would be driving away from us, but never the less we would still see it in all its glory. We didn’t have to wait so long, and it gave Niklas enough time to find the perfect spot. However, only for two random strangers to come stand right in front of him. To be honest, the picture turned out pretty epic in the end.

Further on the drive to Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye, Scotland

After our train stop, Niklas and I ventured on to Skye. This would be another few hours. As Niklas and I were driving, following the SatNav in the rental car, cos mobile reception was next to nothing, we realised the navigation was taking us the complete wrong way! Well, not completely wrong. It wanted us to drive to the ferry and sail across to Skye. The problem with that is, the ferry doesn’t drive all the time. We would then potentially have to wait hours and hours, or the whole night before we could sail across. The weather was also extremely windy and the rain was pouring, so I doubt there would have been a ferry at all.

Niklas mustered up the courage to tell me we were driving the wrong way and had to turn back. This added a whole nother hour and a half to our already long drive. At least I drove carefully and slow by steadily we made it to our Bed and Breakfast. We were so happy to get out of the car and into a warm place. The absolute best part was that there was free tea and coffee which we could help our selves to.

Staying in Skye

Isle of Skye, Scotland, Winter, Portee

The Isle of Skye is a very popular destination. It looks similar to Iceland and is easily accessible. If you plan on going in the summer months, you have to book in advance. The place is so busy that if you decide just to drive through and take your chances, you would have to sleep in the car. Our host, Kevin, told us that his Airbnb gets booked out, sometimes even in the winter months. But when planning a trip to Skye, make sure to take Kevin into consideration. You can find a link to his BnB here. Be sure to stay a few nights to try the different breakfasts he has on offer. They were delicious!

Skye also offerers day trips. You can hop on a bus with other tourists and ride to the different destinations together. There are pros and cons to this. Cons would be that you have to stick to the time, and if it is crowded you won’t be able to see the beauty of the landscape so well. When you drive on your own, you have complete control over where you go, how long you stay in if you want to go back to that place later. You just don’t get to meet new people.

The rest

After the drive to Isle of Skye, Niklas and I were completely exhausted. We called it a night pretty early and looked forward to our next day.

If you liked the pictures you can have a look on Niklas’ Instagram. Click here.