How we Spent an Amazing Day on Lake Constance

I love spontaneous things.

Being able to go on a holiday for a week that I never planned on doing, this is what I mean by spontaneous. Imagine, you can’t go on a holiday, and them BAM you get to go away for a week… for free. This particular week was to Lake Constance in the south of Germany. I already blogged about it here. One of the days we spent there we missioned through to Lake Constance from our holiday home. Then we took the Catamaran to Friedrichshafen across the lake. Continue reading for how we spent an amazing day on Lake Constance.


There are so many things to do in Constance. You can spend a lot of money there in all the little shops, or the Sea Life. There was even a circus there at the start of July. Imagine, walking around and suddenly there are two elephants just chilling on the grass. There are so many restaurants all over the place too, none with the view of the elephants though. That being said, you do not need to spend money. You can eat a cheap kebab if you are hungry. But to be honest, the town is so lovely to go walk around in. So many side streets leading to more and more undiscovered places.

Right, Constance is reachable by bus or train or car or even boat. The traffic is horrible, so I would not suggest the car. Parking also looked really limited, and public transport is better for the environment anyway. Constance is basically next to Switzerland. You can drive there in less than 30 mins when there is no traffic. I repeat: WHEN there is no traffic. Do be careful though, Switzerland isn’t part of the EU so if your roaming is on you will be charged.


In Constance you can walk on the pier and see this really big statue of a lady turning around. She is such a well build amazonian like woman. You can also see so many baby ducks depending on when you go. Or old couples walking hand in hand along the pier. When looking out to the lake, on your right is Switzerland and the Alps. Pretty damn cool. On the Catamaran ride we saw the Alps in the distance while zooming across the water to get to another wonderful town.

The grass is always greener on the other side.

When you get to Friedrichshafen, and back on solid land, you should go explore. No elephants here though. Lots of touristy shops and a Zeppelin museum. There are also Zeppelins flying all over the sky (please note, two or three). We decided to walk along the pier on this side of the lake too. No rotating lady though, just stairs that take you up and up so you can see a gorgeous view of the town. Or so I assume, Niklas and I are afraid of heights, so we just enjoyed the lake and the boats chilling in the harbour.

Friedrichshafen, by Lake Constance.

This town is probably just there so that people can have ice-cream. I’m not complaining! When you walk along the edge of the city, next to the lake, you will be overwhelmed by the amount of ice-cream shops. I had the wonderful idea to stop at one. Best part of my day! It gets so hot there, and there is shade and aircon all around, but nothing better than an ice coffee with ice-cream instead of ice and milk. If Niklas allowed me to eat sugar I would be having this everyday. (Please note I asked Niklas to help me cut sugar out of my diet, and he goes beyond expectation here). Anyway, while we were enjoying this ice-cream coffee we sat and enjoyed the view of the lake and the alps. Looking over to one country from another.

Let’s talk boat.

There are a few different options when getting to the other side. The catamaran was our transport of choice. This boat is so fast. You can go to the front and role play Titanic while the wind messes up your hair and you can’t help but smile. when I say role play Titanic, I mean where Jack and Rose stand at the front of the boat, not the part where they die. You can see how clean and clear the water is from there, spy on other boats as they sail happily on by, or order a drink at the bar. As to seating, cos the ride is about 50 minutes long, you can stand if you want, but you can also sit at the very back of the boat outside or the inside in what looks like a cinema without the screen. Possibilities are endless. Prices for this can be found here.

At both these towns on the Lake you can hire paddle boats and take a trip out on the lake. It is like a bicycle on water. I have no idea how you drive those things. I watched enviously as people enjoyed the cool water while Niklas and I melted on the side lines.

All in a day’s work

The catamaran does stop sailing between these two towns, so be careful not to miss your trip back. When we went back we then enjoyed the ride all over again; role-playing Titanic once last time. We didn’t really, we just enjoyed the view and the strong wind while talking about what we will have for dinner.

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