How we Discovered Borkum by Bike.

As promised, here is the next blog about Borkum. How we discovered Borkum by bike. Firstly, let me start by saying, if you are not a regular bicycle rider, going for a 4 hours cycle just like that, is a really bad idea. The day after, when we went to return our bikes, I couldn’t side down on the saddle at all. No amount of tushy cushion can prevent the saddle pain.

Borkum Bike

How we discovered Borkum by bike.

Anyway, moving on, apart from the saddle pain, the whole day of how we discovered Borkum by bike was kinda amazing. Borkum is a lovely and flat island, so it is super easy to cycle around, and then you also get to see some kick ass views. You can cycle all the way around the island and it is practically impossible to get lost.

How we discovered Borkum by bike was by setting out to go hire some bikes by the nearby bike rental shop. One day of bike hire cost only 8€, and then you can return it the next day at 10:30. The longer you hire the bike, the cheaper it is per day. There were even electric bikes for hire, or bikes with a seat for the baby. Later in the day, Niklas and I were constantly overtaken by old people cruising along on their electric bikes. What sas these old people had!

Borkum Bike

With our back packs stuffed with bananas, bread and cheese, and water, we headed to the nearby beach. How we discovered Borkum by bike was not by going around the island for a solid 4 hours, of course not. Instead we stopped at all the places we wanted to, so that we could snap the best pictures.

Along on the ride with us was one other. However, this guy wasn’t actually supposed to be on the ride with us. It was just a coincidence that he stopped where we stopped, but he did offer great comedic relief. With his cameras, 2 in total if not more, he would very slowly point and shoot at the landscape turning himself around so he gets the whole 360 view. Then he would repeat this ritual with his second camera. Both of which had the shutter sound on, beep beep chush. Even if you couldn’t see him, you would know he was nearby because you could hear him. Maybe he is a super famous landscape photographer, maybe. How we discovered Borkum by bike, was not how he discovered Borkum by bike.

Borkum Bike

The look out point.

Anyway, as we cycled along the path, made only for people and bikes, meaning we didn’t have to dodge cars, we kept our wheels turning until we found a lookout point. This, by the way, is where we first met the other camera guy, beep beep chush. From this lookout point we could see over a lot of the island, and the dunes. I love the dunes. From the previous Borkum post you should by now know that the dunes were gorgeous, but incase you forgot, have a look at the pictures here in this post.

There after we hit the road again drove through beautiful scenery. At one stage we thought it would be best if we invest some money in ice cream, so set our sights on Lidl, the only big supermarket on Borkum. Here, however, there was some conflict in interest. Niklas was almost 100% sure we had to turn right, more into the harbour direction, whereas I was 100% sure it was left, towards the town. Unfortunately, by this time the saddle started taking its toll and I wasn’t the nicest person to be around. Moodily I agreed to turn right with Niklas, be overtaken by school kids, the same ones that were on the ferry with us on the way to Borkum, as well as the old people zooming past us on their electric bikes. This was also how we discovered Borkum by bike, turning the wrong way.

Borkum Bike

Ice Cream.

Once I had enough of cycling the wrong way I adamantly told Niklas to check google maps and to his surprise I was right. This does not happen often, so I secretly was very happy. Anyway, we finally turned around and headed for Lidl and our long awaited ice cream. By this time we have lost our “beep beep chush” friend but gained beautiful scenery pictures and worked up an appetite for our ice cream. Finally we bought and enjoyed our ice cream and headed for home. At this stage we weren’t in the silence of nature anymore, but instead cycling along the road back to the centre of Borkum and our hotel. Luckily there are so few cars that we still could cruise along the road.

We didn’t finish our day here, but instead rested up before we again took the bikes and headed out for a sunset mission. At first it was so easy riding the bikes again for the wind gave us that extra push, but the return along the coast and looking for a place to find dinner consisted of cycling into the wind and wishing for a better day. Long story short, we made it! We were able to get the best pictures, and have fun along the way. Plus the extra bonus of knowing that the ice cream wouldn’t add any weight because we had such a great workout!

Borkum Bike

And that is how we discovered Borkum by bike.

All in all it was a great how we discovered Borkum by bike. From cycling past little horses, to being moody because of bum pain from the seat. In the end we collected great memories and great photographs.

Have you cycled anywhere great, what was the best and what was the worst experience? Let us know in the comments!