The Beginning of the Beginning

You might be thinking, “oh no, another travel blog” but you are wrong! Well, not 100% wrong. Yes this is a travel blog, but the difference is that the blog reflects the images, and the images reflect the travel destination. This blog is setup so that the photographs taken can be explained and so that the two people who created the blog, their introduction to follow, can share their passion for travelling and hopefully travel the world for free one day. Fingers crossed.

The Beginning of the Beginning

So, who are we? Meet Niklas Windus, the photographer. German man, born and bred. He has an eye for the beauty in the world and a camera to capture it. Then there is me, Luzel Opperman, citizen of the world, to be fancy, or South African expat to be precise, the writer and cofounder of the website and blog. I, as with Niklas, have the eye for nature’s beauty, however my lense is my mind which changes the pictures into words. Together we travel the world, one destination at a time. Changing the meaning of “a picture tells a thousand words.”

Beginning to Wander is the brainchild of Niklas. Inspired by top photographers and Vloggers, also being a student with limited funds, Niklas started to devise a plan of how his travel buddy and he could travel the world for free. Knowing this would be a lengthy process and an investment on both of our parts we started the blog. We two intrepid explorers have done some travelling in our time, but it was not until we met each other that we really started feeding our wanderlust. Therefore, it could be argued that this blog is just another aspect to our ever growing divagation.

So stay tuned to be part of our itchy feet travels as we roam from destination to destination and document the beauty of the world. Who knows, maybe we awake the nomad in you.
T&C: All types of sponsorship welcome, from free flights and accommodation to free coffee at the airport or even instagram takeovers. Just saying.

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