Our Top 10 Beaches in Cape Town

Welcome to the blog post about the top 10 beaches in Cape Town. You cannot go to Cape Town and stay away from the beaches. Even though the water may be too cold to swim in, unless you are brave, the beaches are so wonderful to walk along. They are the beaches people on dating sites talk about when they say “I love long walks on the beach.”

During our time in Cape Town, Niklas and I visited so many beaches. Visiting a beach was even the first thing we did in Cape Town. We made this a mission to complete. Sometimes we were the only ones on a beach, other times the wind was so strong we were on the beach for about 2 minutes. However, it is a free full body exfoliation to stand on the beach with the wind raging.

Things to note before reading our top 10 beaches in Cape Town. You might wondering why you can swim at some of the beaches and at others you can’t when they are all in the Western Cape. Well firstly the Western Cape is HUGE. Secondly there are two oceans that meet at Cape Point. The Atlantic and the Indian ocean. You can swim in the Indian Ocean because the water is so lovely. However, only the brave with wetsuits can venture into the Atlantic.
Also, if you click on any of the top 10 beaches in Cape Town you open a new tab for google maps and where to find it. So without further ado, I introduce to you our

Top 10 beaches in Cape Town:

10. Gordons Bay.

This is a lovely beach for a short trip. There are shops along the road. Cute little cafes. Tattoo parlors, not sure about the quality of tattoo you will get there, but I have heard they come highly recommended. There is a Spur almost on the beach which is really epic for a drink while the sunsets. Which, by the way, looks stunning. We rated this at number 10 because although lovely, it did not have that WOW factor.

9: Strand.

As the name suggests in Afrikaans, beach, it is an extremely long stretch of just beach. They are now building a wall between the beach and the road due to floods, but before this you could drive all along the road and see the beach. There are a few Nic’Ice (Ice Cream shops) around where you pay next to nothing for an overwhelming amount of ice cream. Seriously, so much ice cream! And you can enjoy this ice cream as you watch the sunset over Muizenberg. You see, this part of South Africa curves inwards so to see a different beach from another beach. Beach-seption.

8. Camps Bay.

Associated with the wealthier population of Cape Town, but none the less accessible to everyone. The beach is gorgeous. All along the road there are restaurants you can splurge on for food or drinks and such lovely survives. We got free water WITH ICE! The ice was so needed after strolling on the soft sand and dipping our toes into the icy water.

7: Muizenberg Beach.

Great surfers area. We did not surf though. Again, this beach is quite long, so wonderful for a strole. Usually much more busy than the other beaches, but this is due to the surf quality I would think. Along the road you will find shops to feed yourself and water yourself at, a few surf shops for those Billabong or Lizzy fans among you. I would recommend Muizenberg for a sunrise. What?! Not a sunset? Yes, a sunrise because you see how the sun comes up over Strand which is opposite the sea.

6: Kogel Bay.

Not touristy at all! This is a locals secret. I know of this beach because I studied in Stellenbosch and was invited by a South African to go along. You park on the side of the road, a long way after Gordon’s bay. Firstly it is such a stunning drive along the mountains to here. Secondly it is a little tiny hike down to the beach. You can hike down left or right. I would recommend hiking down to the right when looking at the sea. This is because you can then see rocks where you can climb, or shelter yourself in the shade. There is even a cave you can go and explore in when you want to take a break from swimming in the sea. By the way, you can swim in this water temperature. When Niklas and I were there, we were the only ones there. We experienced what it was like to have our own private beach. I really wouldn’t mind my own private beach! Anyone want to give me one?

5. Blouberg Beach.

Best sunset! There are so many sandy parts to Blouberg where you can park your car and enjoy the sand between your toes. Some places have restaurants close by where you can go and grab a bite while watching the sunset. I even have a blog post dedicated to watching the sunset at Blouberg Beach. You should have a read.

4: Hout Bay.

This was the first beach Niklas and I stopped at. There is not much shelter from the sun, no rocks or trees, but a few cafe’s at either end. On the weekends there is the Hout Bay market near by which is such a lovely experience. Live music, great food, clothes and much much more. Unfortunately the water is too cold to go into. Hout Bay stretches from one point to another. Both points have cafes and restaurants. But this means it makes it great for a walk and at each point you can refresh yourself with a beverage or explore more through the shops.

3: Clifton.

There is no parking here. Well there is but extremely limited and probably expensive. Niklas and I used Uber to get here and it seemed like we were dropped of at a random place next to the side of the road. We weren’t. We were dropped off at the entrance of one of the beaches. One of, because Clifton has a few, and you can walk along most of them by climbing over a few rocks. The water here is so cold! If you want ice cream there are people who sell it and walk up and down the beach all day asking if you want to buy anything. The ice cream sellers also sell sunglasses for R50. But local tip, they aren’t real Ray Bans. Sorry.

2: Llandudno Beach.

This is a public beach situated at the bottom of a private housing area. Again, parking here is a problem because so many people want to come here. But when you see the sunset you will understand why, as well as why this is number 2 on our list. There are no toilets, or shops nearby. This is a perfect Picnic spot, and a perfect spot to watch the sunset and cast its reflection over the sea as it disappears. When we were here we saw a lot of surfers, and a girl in front of us taking many selfies. This was entertaining. Thank you stranger.

Number one on the list of top 10 beaches in Cape Town is:

1: Boulders Beach.

This beach has its own blog post (which you can read here), as Blouberg Beach does. The water is warm enough to swim in. There are a few places to buy food at, there are Penguins and Dassies all over the place. (Don’t know what a Dassie is? Find out here). You do need to plan your trip here wisely as it can be filled with tourists. Rightly so. These penguins are so cute! They come up so close to your camera. Unfortunately they are not to be taken home with you as souvenirs.

So there you have it. Our Top Ten Cape Town Beaches.

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